The Peloponnesian peninsula is a geographic region of southern Greece and was known as Morea during the Ottoman era. Several of the most common areas are Ancient Olympia, Corinth, Epidaurus, Gytheio, Kalamata, Karyes, Leonidio, Mani, Monemvasia, Mystras, Nafplion, Patras, and Sparta.

Popular dances from the Peloponnese

Ai Yiorgis (Nestani), Diplos (Lakonia), Horos Ton Kariatidon/Arahovitikos (Karyes), Kalamatianos (Lakonia), Maniatikos (Mani), Treis Kakes Mou Sinifades (Karyes), and Tsakonikos (Tsakonia)

Costumes from the Peloponnese

The adult costume of Mani in the region of the Peloponnese was a festive costume that consists of a dark blue jumper with a red stripe, a white long sleeve shirt with embroidered edges, a jacket, a red belt, and a headpiece with the occasional fez underneath. The colors of the costume corresponded with age. A younger girl would have a lighter blue jumper and a white or yellow headpiece. After marriage and maturity they would darken the headpiece, wear a dark blue jumper, and add a gold embroidered jacket, which showed economic stability. Mani Mani