The Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are also called the “Eptanisa” because of its 7 main islands. These islands are Corfu (Kerkyra), Ithaca, Kefalonia, Kythera, Lefkada, Paxi, and Zakynthos.

Popular dances from the Ionian Islands

Ai Yiorgis (Kerkyra), Ballos (Kefalonia), Bourdaris (Kythera), Diplos (Lefkada), Divaratikos (Kefalonia), Fourlana (Kerkyra), Lemonia (Lefkada), Levantinikos (Zakynthos), Manetas (Kefalonia), Milia (Lefkada), Quadriglia (Zakynthos), Rouga (Kerkyra), Theiakos (Lefkada), Tsirigotikos (Kythera), and Zagarakia (Kythera)

Costumes from the Ionian Islands

The bridal costume from Lefkada is composed of an ankle-length chemise over which goes a long-sleeved silk dress. It is then topped with a cream or gold-colored silk scarf that covers the shoulders and breast. The headdress is called the “tremola” in the local dialect and is a main component of the bridal costume. Lefkada Lefkada
This bridal and festival costume comes from the Ionian island of Corfu from the region of Lefkimmi. It consists of a lavish skirt that is worn over the white chemise undergarment. On top, the gold embroidered vest (the “kondogouni”) is worn. This velvet jacket is left open in order to display the jewelry and coins worn around the neck. The gold belt (the “chrysozoni”) from which multicolored ribbons are hung, cinches the waist. The bridal apron is decorated with designs created by multicolored ribbons. A characteristic feature of this costume is the headdress (the “yiadema”), which is adorned with flowers and a white tulle or organza scarf, and is first worn on the wedding day. Kerkyra Kerkyra
The male costume of Kerkyra consists of a shirt, “vraka”, belt, vest, “tsarouhia”, and a straw hat. The first piece that is worn is a woolen shirt called the “magia.” The outer shirt had a row of buttons, but much of the chest is left open. A black felt waistcoat, which is embroidered with silver or gold motifs, is worn over the buttoned shirt. Kerkyra Kerkyra