The region of Epirus is now located in modern day Greece and Albania. The largest city in Epirus is Ioannina, which is often called Yannena. Other main cities of this region are Arta, Igoumenista, Metsovo, Paramythia, and Preveza.

Popular dances from Epirus

Bazargkana, Berati, Fezodervenegas (Zagori), Fisouni (Preveza), Menousis, Paramithiotikos (Paramythia), Sta Duo, Sta Tria, Tsamikos, and Zagorisios (Zagori)

Costumes from Epirus

The main component of this costume from Vovousa, Epirus is the sleeveless black overdress with a pleated skirt, called the “dimita.” Each pleat is separately cut into triangular panels called “langiolo” or “loxa.” A red or claret sash is typically worn around the waist. Lastly, a fur or woolen hat is worn on the head. Vovousa Vovousa
This is the female costume from Vovousa, Epirus, which is one of the original Zagori villages. The main feature of the costume is the black silk pleated dress. The black dress is contrasted with the white apron and its black fringe. The costume also has a black embroidered vest. A black cotton scarf, which was typically adorned with coins, was worn on the head. “Vovousa”
Similar to the costume of Vovousa, Epirus, the main component of this costume from Metsovo, Epirus is the sleeveless black overdress with a pleated skirt, called the “dimita.” The black shirt is an element rarely seen in Greek folk attire. The tailors in Metsovo still create such costumes, which are worn by many even today. Metsovo Metsovo
The female folk costume of Zagori, Epirus consists of the shirt, headscarf, jacket, skirt, dress & apron. Most of these pieces were traditionally embroidered by hand or woven on the loom. Some local women acquired these pieces by trading with foreigners that entered the village from other Balkan & European countries. Similar to the costumes of other regions, this costume was part of the dowry of the women from Zagori. Zagori Zagori
The older costume of Pogoni was one that consisted of a pleated skirt (the “foustanella”). The costume seen here is a new, woolen costume that was popular throughout the region of Ioannina. The newer costume is composed of a white cotton shirt, woolen pants (which were baggy at the top and narrow at the ankles), a woolen sash, and a fur hat. Zagori Zagori