Cyprus is an island country that has historically housed a significant Greek population. These Greek Cypriots perpetuate a rich folk tradition seen in their dances and costumes.

Popular dances from Cyprus

Drepania, Mandra, Men’s Karsilamades, Sousta, Stamna, Syrtos, Tatsia, Vraka, and Women’s Karsilamades

Costumes from Cyprus

This is the impressive bridal costume of the Cypriot woman from Karpasia, Cyprus. The bride first wore this costume on her wedding day, however she continues to wear it at festivities the year after her wedding. Cypriot Woman Cypriot Woman
This is the costume of the rural Cypriot woman of the region of Karpasia, Cyprus. With its strong local characteristics, the costume resonates with simplicity and authenticity while also emphasizing feminine beauty without provoking. The soft colors and original embroidery express the uniqueness of the Cypriot costume. Cypriot Woman Cypriot Woman
The main component of the male costume of Cyprus was the baggy pants, called the “vraka.” The “vraka” was made from woven cotton and was sewn to appear large and tufted. It was originally made with white cloth and then painted black. The Cypriot men also wore a dark-colored velvet vest (the “gileko” or “zipouni”), which was decorated with colorful embroidery. The groom's vest was usually dark velvet with embroidery on the back in the shapes of birds, lions or other animals. The boots that accompany the costume (the “tsagkaropodines”) were made from pigskin and could fit either foot. Cypriot Man Cypriot Man